Application Guidelines

Part Three: Itemized Budget

By completing the Itemized Budget Sheet your budget narrative will be broken down into a line item listing.

  • Enter the length of your fellowship.
  • Estimate number of hours it took to prepare your application (this information is for internal use only and is not part of the selection process).
  • Add all proposed destinations for fellowship.
  • Use whole numbers.
  • Team lead is responsible for entering the itemized budget.

Breakdown of expenses:

  • TRANSPORTATION: any fare to and from destination. Estimate rental car cost based on current gasoline prices. For personal vehicles, calculate the mileage at a rate of $.58/mile. Grant funding can only cover mileage or gasoline, not both.
  • LODGING: Seek moderately-priced motels/hotels or, if applicable, home stays.
  • FOOD: Food costs should reflect actual destination rates and cannot exceed $50 per day/per person.
  • PARTICIPATION COSTS: Tour, registration and course/program fees.
  • MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES: Includes, but not limited to, books, reference materials, artifacts or realia.
  • EQUIPMENT: Includes, but not limited to, cameras, recorders, laboratory equipment and computer hardware necessary for fellowship and classroom implementation. Please consider borrowing these pieces of equipment from your school, if available. Any equipment purchased with the grant funds must be accessible to entire school upon return.
  • OTHER: Specific costs of your fellowship not outlined in the preceding categories. Please give clear descriptions of these expenses. Use the Budget Narrative for any further explanation.
  • NON-ALLOWABLE: Certain products and services are not to be purchased using grant funds, such as toiletries, telecommunications, personal souvenirs, childcare, student travel, bank/credit card fees and graduate credit hours. See the full list of non-allowable expenses under Quick Links.

Applicant Eligibility

Do you meet each of the following eligibility requirements?

  • A full-time preK-12th grade teacher, curriculum specialist, curriculum head, Special Education coordinator, media specialist/librarian, or other type of educator who spends at least 50% of your time directly teaching students;
  • Returning to the classroom in the consecutive school year;
  • Will have at least three years’ experience as a preK-12th grade teacher at the end of the school year; and
  • Have not received a Fund for Teachers grant award in the past five years.

Not Eligibile

Thank you for your interest in Fund for Teachers. Based on the information provided, you do not meet our eligibility requirements. Each applicant, including members of a team, must meet each eligibility requirement. If you have questions regarding specific eligibility questions, please contact FFT at or 1-800-681-2667.

Project Eligibility

Does your proposed Fund for Teachers grant proposal include any of the following?

  • Student travel
  • The completion of baccalaureate or post baccalaureate degrees, including:
    • Courses for graduate credit
    • University College or Credit Hours*
  • Onsite (or campus) professional development at your school or by the district
  • Compensation for substitutes
  • Stipend
  • No learning experience: All monies will go toward classroom supplies, such as books, technology, or other materials.

* University courses, such as teacher professional development trips/programs are an allowable fellowship type. However, if the choice is given to pay for credit hours toward a degree that portion of the cost will be at the expense of the Fellow. If the credit hours are included, and non-negotiable they are permitted, so long as the applicant is not using these hours to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Not Eligibile

Thank you for your interest in Fund for Teachers. Based on the information provided, your project may not meet our eligibility requirements. Fund for Teachers fellowships cannot include funding for the following: Student travel, stipends, baccalaureate course work, substitutes, onsite or campus professional development and materials-only based grants.

If you feel this is in error or have questions regarding specific eligibility questions, please contact FFT at or 1-800-681-2667.