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Fund for Teachers has awarded $32 million in grants to nearly 8,500 of America's top educators. FFT Fellows have traveled to 152 different countries on all seven continents. Fund for Teachers honors the professionalism of dedicated teachers and values their judgment as to what best impacts their practice​.

All fellowships awarded are self-designed. To learn more about our teachers and their projects use the search tool provided below.

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Subject Area Grade Level Project Description School Location Destination City Destination State Destination Country Destination Continent Name School Name Fellowship Year Program Post Fellowship Report
Language/Cultural Immersion 4 Study Spanish for five weeks in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. San Francisco, CA Flamingo Costa Rica Costa Rica North America Erica Lingrell Bret Harte Elementary School 2006 San Francisco/Oakland Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 9-12 Embark on a five-week language and cultural immersion in Guatemala and Venezuela during a period of important political and economic changes in both countries. New York, NY Guatemala City, Caracas Quetzaltenango(Xela) Guatemala North America Jeannie Ferrari Humanities Preparatory Academy 2006 New York City Program
Math 6, 7, 8 Participate in the Berc and Fogel’s Creativity Workshop in Crete, Greece to explore writing, drawing, photography, map making, and visualization techniques. HOUSTON, TX Chania Crete Greece Europe Jo Ann Arlitt SPRING FOREST MIDDLE 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Other 9-11 Travel to Cambodia to collaborate with a professional journalist in researching the landless farmers' movement and to assist a rural literacy specialist in developing a literacy program. Brooklyn, NY Phomn Penh Cambodia Cambodia Asia Katherine Cook High School for Public Service 2006 New York City Program
Language/Cultural Immersion K-5 Compare the people, historical sites, art, architecture, religion, industry, economics, and education system of Santiago, Chile and Cusco, Peru for language immersion study. HOUSTON, TX Santiago & Cusco Chile & Peru Chile South America Janet Erwin RIVER OAKS EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
History/Social Studies 6 Attend the IGU-Commission for Geographic Education 2006 Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. KATY, TX Brisbane Queensland Australia Australia Jay Sonnenburg BECKENDORFF JUNIOR HIGH 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Science 9-12 Study the gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Houston, TX Pocatello, Yellowstone Idaho, Wyoming United States North America Robert Webb Wayne Webb 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Science 10 Visit ancient megalithic observatories such as Stonehenge to study Paleolithic astronomy in England, Ireland, and Scotland, and then tour modern-day observatories in the same regions Brighton, MA Dublin Ireland United Kingdom Europe Catherine Schaber-Murray Brighton High School 2006 Boston Program
Other 7 Educational tour of Greece's literature, art, and culture Owasso, OK Athens Attiki Greece Europe Pamela Fisher 7th Grade Center 2006 Oklahoma Program
Other 7 Educational tour of Greece's literature, art, and culture Owasso, OK Cynthia Parsons 7th Grade Center 2006 Oklahoma Program
Science 9-12 Traveling to Acadia National Park in Maine and attending a 2 1/2 day workshop titled "Data, Data, Everywhere..." emphasising technology skill for teachers when working with on-line environmental data Claremore, OK Bar Harbour Maine United States North America Sandra Powell Verdigris 2006 Oklahoma Program
History/Social Studies 7 Journey to the archaelogical sites of Ancient Greece, exploring such sites as the Acropolis of Athens and the ruins at Knossos Crete. Chicago, IL Athens, Olympia, Knossos Attika Greece Europe Bill Giannetos Ravenswood Elementary School 2006 Chicago Program
History/Social Studies 11 Spend two weeks in Israel and Palestine with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, an organization dedicated to conflict resolution and sustainable peace, and take two more weeks to explore Jordan Brighton, MA Tel Aviv Israel/Palestine Israel Asia Nicole Pelletier Boston Community Leadership Academy 2006 Boston Program
Science 1st - 5th Travel to Antarctica to study the processes and interactions of the Antarctic system and its importance to global phenomenon. HOUSTON, TX Antarctica Peninsula Antarctica United States North America Daphne Rawlinson LANTRIP EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
History/Social Studies 7-8 Develop a curriculum that will emphasize engaging students in the exploration of textual and audiovisual accounts of collective struggles in United States and World History. Chicago, IL Amherst Massachusetts United States North America Troy LaRaviere Robert N. Dett Elementary School 2006 Chicago Program
Visual/Performing Arts 10 Study musical instrument fabrication and music theory as preparation for the development of an interdisciplinary elective course called Math & Music. Brooklyn, NY Honolulu Hawaii United States North America Patrick Murray High School for Public Service 2006 New York City Program
History/Social Studies 11, 12 Travel to sites of genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda and, through interviews, photos, and video, begin to answer why the events happened and how affected societies heal, learn, and recover Boston, MA Kigali, Rwanda Rwanda Bosnia-Herzegovina Europe Judi Freeman Boston Latin School 2006 Boston Program
Language/Cultural Immersion Kindergarten Attend a language immersion program at the Universidad de Monterrey, take Mexican folkloric dancing classes and volunteer at a Monterrey elementary school. HOUSTON, TX Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico North America Abigail Leyh LANTRIP EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 9-12 One month immersion in the cultures of Ecuador Travel to Ecuador and Peru to attend Spanish language, culture, history, literature, dance, and cooking classes. Dunwoody, GA Quito & Cusco Ecuador & Peru Ecuador South America Traci Wrubleski The Weber School 2006 Atlanta Program
Science First Trip to Costa Rica to learn about different types of rainforest and develop collaborative projects. Broken Arrow, OK Manuel Antonio Puntarenas Costa Rica North America Kathy Harding Peters 2006 Oklahoma Program
Visual/Performing Arts K-8 Explore new visual art processes and techniques at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO Denver, CO Snowmass Colorado United States North America Timothea Biermann Slavens School 2006 Colorado Program
Literature/Writing 6-8 Study and write poetry at the Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire, August 7-11, 2006. Chicago, IL Franconia New Hampshire United States North America Susanna Lang UPLIFT Community High School 2006 Chicago Program
Literacy 7-8 Travel to Monrovia, Liberia, to train local partners in setting up a school website and e-mail accounts, then establish a pen pal program between students there and in Boston Boston, MA Monrovia Monrovia Liberia Africa Matthew Santmire McKinley Middle School 2006 Boston Program
Literacy 4 Participate in an intensive book book binding workshop and photograph the Gold Rush town in Volcano, CA. Houston, TX Sacramento California United States North America Thea Nelson The Briarwood School 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
History/Social Studies 5 Research immigration through resources in New York City - Ellis Island, Lower East Side Tenement Museum and New York Historical Society Edmond, OK New York City New York United States North America Kathleen Schwiebert Prairie Vale Elementary School 2006 Oklahoma Program
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