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Fund for Teachers has awarded $30 million in grants to nearly 8,000 of America's top educators. FFT Fellows have traveled to 151 different countries on all seven continents. Fund for Teachers honors the professionalism of dedicated teachers and values their judgment as to what best impacts their practice​.

All fellowships awarded are self-designed. To learn more about our teachers and their projects use the search tool provided below.

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Subject Area Grade Level Project Description School Location Destination City Destination State Destination Country Destination Continent Name School Name Fellowship Year Program Post Fellowship Report
Science 1-5 Explore the cultural and physical impacts of the ancient volcanic eruptions in Southern Italy. Atlanta, GA Naples & Catania Mt. Vesuvius (Campania) & Mt. Etna (Sicily) Italy Europe Richard Hatcher Lena Jean Campbell Academy 2006 Atlanta Program
Science 7-8 Participate in an Earth Watch Institute expedition studying coastal maine ecology. Bath, ME Isle of Shoals Maine United States North America Ann Hemming Bath Middle School 2006 EL Education Program
Literacy 3-8 Study teaching methods on reading in New Zealand, the country that developed many of the techniques now used in the United States. Chicago, IL Auckland, New Zealand Auckland New Zealand Australia Lucy Klocksin Daniel Boone Elementary 2006 Chicago Program
History/Social Studies 4 Participate in inter-generational study tour of Tanzania with Heifer Project International to learn about sustainable agriculture. Brooklyn, NY Arusha Northwest Tanzania Tanzania Africa Linda Rosenbury Children's School - PS 372K 2006 New York City Program
Math 10-12 Travel to Uruguay to study international schools and attend a course on how to internationalize mathematics courses. HUMBLE, TX Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay South America Warren Roane HUMBLE H S 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Kinesiology 7 Participate in yoga trainings to develop class for 7th grade students to engage them in physical activity and learn strategies for handling stress. Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn NY United States North America Rachel Cole School for Democracy and Leadership 2006 New York City Program
Math 10 & 11 At Millis College in Oakland (CA), learn to use Geometer’s Sketchpad, a computer software for drawing, transforming, and analyzing geometric, algebraic, and other math concepts Roxbury, MA Oakland California United States North America Patricia O'Connor Madison Park Tech. Voc. High School 2006 Boston Program
Science 11-12 Two-week science study tour of the Hawaiian Islands with particular focus on geology, astronomy, and ecology Tahlequah, OK Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Oahu Hawaii United States North America Edna McMillen Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Tahlequah Regional Center 2006 Oklahoma Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 3 Study and explore the Jewish, Muslim and Catholic influences on Spanish culture in Andalusia, Spain. HOUSTON, TX Granada Andalusia Spain Europe Debra Parpacen ALEXANDER EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Science K-5 Follow the steps of Newton, Darwin, and Hawking while attending Science Summer School at Cambridge University in England. HOUSTON, TX Cambridge Cambridgeshire England Europe Angela Galindo BENBROOK EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Visual/Performing Arts K-5 World Music Drumming is a hands on multicultural workshop that includes experiences in drumming, singing, and playing many other instruments accustom to African and Carribbean countries. Yukon, OK Lake Geneva Wisconsin United States North America Holly McKinney Central Elementary 2006 Oklahoma Program
Visual/Performing Arts 7-12 To study Mozart's life and music in its historical context during the 250th anniversary of his birth in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria during the Mozart Festival Broken Arrow, OK Vienna and Salzburg Vienna and Salzburg Austria Europe George (Trey) Pritner 8th Grade Center 2006 Oklahoma Program
History/Social Studies 3 Historic American Cities Tour: Boston, New York, and Philadelphia Tulsa, OK Boston, New York City, Philadelphia Mass., New York, Penn. United States North America Susan Mamary Marquette Catholic School 2006 Oklahoma Program
Literature/Writing 3rd,4th,5th Attend a language immersion program in Spain. KATY, TX Salamanca Salamanca Spain Europe Magdalena Rosental ROBERT KING EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
History/Social Studies 4-6 Travel along a path in New England to study human migration. Phoenix, AZ Boston Massachusetts United States North America Elizabeth Duncan Valley View School 2006 EL Education Program
History/Social Studies 1st-5th Travel to Wales and Scotland to research the history of the ancient Celtic civilization. KATY, TX Glasgow Scotland Scotland Europe Lesli Edge MCROBERTS EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 9-12 Participate with the Concordia Language School program to teach Chinese students English in Beijing, China. HOUSTON, TX Beijing Beijing Province China Asia Ferryn Martin AUSTIN H S 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 4 Attend a Spanish language immersion course in two Latin American countries that have a similar early history to that of early Texas. HOUSTON, TX Alajuela Costa Rica Costa Rica North America Christina Estes SUTTON EL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Science 6 Attend a Natural History tour of Australia and New Zealand while completing fieldwork in geology, oceanography, and biology. CYPRESS, TX Auckland,Ngatea,Rotorrua,Cairnes, Kuranda,Brisbane New Zealand and Australia Australia Australia Mary Patterson HAMILTON MIDDLE SCHOOL 2006 Greater Houston Area Program
Visual/Performing Arts 9 - 12 Travel to four cities in China studying, filming, and cataloging the history and culture of Eastern China. Kennesaw, GA Beijing, Shanghai, Hi=ong Kong, X'ian China China Asia Pamelia Carsillo Kennesaw Mountain High School 2006 Atlanta Program
Science 7th Travel to Dakar, Senegal to work on both rural farms and in urban agriculture projects. Oakland, CA Dakar Dakar Senegal Africa Beth Kassler Urban Promise Academy 2006 EL Education Program
Language/Cultural Immersion K Travel to Peru to study Spanish and experience a cultural immersion. Oakland, CA Lima & Cusco Peru United States North America Jessica Hewit Lighthouse Community Charter School 2006 EL Education Program
Literature/Writing 9th and 11th Participate in an intensive four-week course on digital film-making at the New York Film Academy. Bronx, NY New York City New York United States North America Kristina Kirtley Herbert Lehman High School 2006 New York City Program
Science 2nd Tour of New Zealand to study culture, communities, water and land forms, indigenous plants and animals Tulsa, OK Auckland North Island New Zealand Australia Mary Dezell Cedar Ridge 2006 Oklahoma Program
Language/Cultural Immersion 9-11 Attend a language program in Morelia, Mexico and travel for five weeks in Mexico to visit schools and participate in education seminars. Oakland, CA Morelia Michoacan Mexico North America Elizabeth Schuler Castlemont Business and Information Technology 2006 San Francisco/Oakland Program
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